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Energy, Fuels, & Water Overview

Eastman provides high quality additives, materials, and products that are used in a myriad of markets listed below. 

Energy Production & Efficiency

Our Eastman Therminol fluids can be found in industries such as: solar power, waste energy recovery systems, and biofuels. These products act as excellent heat transfer media, optimizing production efficiency in many alternative energy production applications.  More ...


As anyone in the market knows, oxidation in fuel cannot be 100% prevented. However, Eastman has created a product that will help extend the shelf life of biodiesel while slowing down the oxidation process. To be highly effective in retarding deterioration, the Eastman BioExtend should be added early in the life of the biodiesel.  More ...


Eastman additives significantly boost performance while extending the life of metalworking fluids. More ...

Oil field

Eastman offers a variety of chemicals that are commonly used in Oil fied applications during stimulation and production. More ...

Oil & Gas Processing

We rely on efficient and economical sources of energy to heat and cool our factories and homes, as well as transporting people and goods. Eastman’s Therminol heat transfer fluids play a significant role in hydrocarbon processing, oil and gas processing, and refining that help satisfy those daily needs.More ...

Water Treatment

Eastman’s products that serve the global water treatment market include intermediates for flocculants which are used in water treatment processes. Eastman is one of the leading merchant producers of DMAE and DMAPA, both of which are used to make cationic monomers. More ...

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